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ProFound™ Therapeutics is pioneering the expanded human proteome

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Where we Began

What if the human proteome were larger than we imagined?

Twenty years ago, the Human Genome Project surprisingly concluded that the human proteome was comprised of only 20,000 protein-coding genes based on a discrete set of rules. We asked, ‘What if we broke the bounds of these rules and the human proteome is larger than previously believed?’ If this were true, it would represent a paradigm shift in biology and reveal a universe of novel therapeutic targets.

By focusing on proteins in the process of translation, together with the innovative application of technology and new biological insights, we have found tens of thousands of undiscovered proteins that could provide countless new intervention points across diseases, opening a whole new world of therapeutic possibilities.

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Ushering in the next biotech revolution

We have discovered an expanded universe of proteins, remapping the genomic landscape. In analyzing these proteins, we elucidate their respective biological functions, redefining the molecular underpinnings of human biology. Armed with this knowledge, we will unleash the creation of breakthrough medicines for a multitude of diseases. This marks the beginning of a new era in biomedicine with unlimited potential for impact.

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